Monday through Friday 9:00am – 10:00am.

Weekdays offer a lighter affair where couples or individuals can request a table pour over French press, a locally sourced baked good, a breakfast KIND bar option, fresh fruit and/or yogurt with granola.  This service is available anytime between 9:00am – 10:00am.  The idea is to leisurely make your way to the dining area and engage in the art of café sitting.  We are partnering with some amazing local farms and bakeries like Spoonfed, Southerly Biscuit & Pie, Brooklyn Café, Little Loaf, Getaway Café and Old Heritage Farms so breakfast will never disappoint.

Saturday and Sunday full breakfast served at 9:00am.

Weekend mornings switch to our signature “Omakase” (chefs choice) sit-down home cooked meal served at 9:00am.  Created by the owner, this two course meal includes a breakfast board with hand crafted small bites followed by the main consisting of something on the sweeter side or more savory focused.  A few culinary splendors include: Honeydew with lavender simple syrup/sea salt/mint, Dijon maple glazed bacon, Spinach and gruyere quiche, Baked Challah bread French toast soufflé

What to do if you have food allergies and or restrictions?

As a small “mom and pop” business with merely a home kitchen and not a restaurant, we simply cannot absorb every guests dietary restriction, food allergy, or personal preference.  In hopes to provide all guests an exemplary breakfast experience, we encourage anyone with specific needs to give us a call or send an email to discuss how we can accommodate you.  Guests MUST include any restrictions and/or allergies when making a reservation or notify us within 72 hours prior to arrival.  Without proper advanced notification, restrictions and/or navigating allergies is not guaranteed.  

  • Husbands, Boyfriends, Spouses & Partners!  Do not forget your significant other’s allergies and/or dietary restrictions when making your reservation.  This will help prevent “egg” on your face upon arrival.

Coffee culture at the Beacon House!

We offer exclusive gourmet blends by Carolina Coffee Company (a local artisan micro-roaster in Wilmington).  Each morning drip coffee starts at 7:30am.  Starting a 9:00am, a weekday breakfast pour over French press is a new special touch for specific coffee lovers and will pair well with our weekday café style lighter affair.  We sell what we serve so you may also take home a “Taste of the Beacon House.”  A gourmet selection of hot teas is also available if coffee is not our thing.  Coffee is our passion and we are eager to share with our guests.

Important Note:  Due to health code, we are ONLY able to serve breakfast to guests staying in our Bed & Breakfast.  Sorry beach vacation cottage rental visitors, it is not our intent to exclude you.  There are no exceptions to this Health Code Policy.