The New Breakfast Savoir-Faire

Our New Spring Breakfast Experience!

Enjoying yourself should always be your first priority when you come to us for a getaway. So why not indulge with our amazing new culinary options while you plan your beach stay?

Monday through Friday 9:00am – 10:00am

During the weekdays, Carolina Beach can be more relaxed when it comes to meals. We are aiming for the restful, easygoing feel of having locally sourced baked goods, coffee, and light eats for you to enjoy. Cafe sitting in its true form. If you want French Press, we’ve got it. The baked good options are locally sourced, come with an assortment of jam and butter spreads, and even some fruit, yogurt, granola, the works. So kick back, relax, wake up, then come eat!

Saturday and Sunday full breakfast served at 9:00am.

Weekends are really where it’s at here at the Inn because we’ve got an amazing Omakase (Chef’s Choice) served at 9am! It’s specially curated by one of the owners, our secret weapon and lovable host, Mike. You like charcuterie? How about a main course that tastes like it came straight from heaven itself? We’ve got it. Sweet and savory is the main idea.

Do you have allergies or dietary restrictions?

Since we are a “mom and pop” sort of joint, we aren’t able to completely customize our food service to every possible dietary restriction on our own. But, if you have an allergy or restriction you want to let us know about, give us a call or drop us an email and we will do the best we can to make sure you have what you need. We’ve got a really talented chef and amazing options so you can always look forward to that.

Spouses and Partners!

Do your best to remember your partner’s allergies or dietary restrictions, just so you aren’t in the dog house with your partner, and so everything involving food goes smoothly. We want everything to go well, so why not simplify your life?


We love coffee here at the Beacon House, and we sell it by the bag from our very own local micro-roaster, Carolina Coffee Company. Our employees even love the flavors. At 7:30am every morning, we make drip coffee, and at 9am on weekdays, for the specific coffee lover, we have the pour over French Press!

Due to Health Code, breakfast options are only available to those staying in the Bed & Breakfast; however, we do have some lovely add on coffee and snack items for purchase for Cottage guests when making an online reservation. Those items can be placed in the Cottage upon arrival.

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