Washed ashore on Carolina Beach, NC

There are so many wonderful things that wash up on the shores of Carolina Beach, NC. Few things make you wonder “How did that get here?” like this big marker buoy. Friday morning while I was preparing breakfast I kept hearing a horn noise. I thought it sounded like a fog horn, but I didn’t think we had one close by. I had to go see what it was. I was shocked to see this huge buoy up on the beach. It has a horn that is powered by a solar panel so even though it is now out of the water it is still trying to do its job. The storm on Thursday somehow broke the chain that held it in place and it floated along the shore until it came to rest on the beach.
I am not sure how long it will be before it is removed from the beach and put back where it came from. If you are planning a visit to Carolina Beach, you might still be able to see it on the beach just across the road.
You can get a perspective of just how big this buoy is with the other people standing close by and taking pictures.

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