Old Hotels, Carolina Beach, North Carolina

Last week we had a couple staying the whole week. Betsy told me she had been trying to find a hotel that she remembered staying at as a child with her family. She said that they came quite a few summers when she was a kid. She wondered what could have happened to the hotel. She searched all the listings for hotels here in Carolina Beach and could not find that particular hotel and I think they even drove around to try to find it. On the third or fourth night I went into the living room to chat with them and saw that she was looking at the Carolina Beach, NC Vol 1 book we keep on the coffee table. Well wouldn’t you know it inside the pages of that book was a picture of the Hotel Bame the very one she had been looking for. I love to hear these stories from our guests who have been coming to our area for their whole lives and even bringing the next generation to carry on the love of the sea, beach, boardwalk, aquarium and parks of our area into the future.

The “Bame Hotel and Filling Station” postcard picture from the North Carolina Collection of UNC at Chapel Hill.

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