The Journals

Hi there! We are Charlotte and Noah, the Innkeepers at the Beacon House Inn Bed and Breakfast in Carolina Beach, North Carolina, and we would like to share one of our favorite parts of innkeeping with you – the Beacon House guest journals!

Each room has a journal for guests to write in at their leisure. Some visitors share insights about their trip, travel tips about the area, or the story of how they are celebrating a special occasion or milestone in their life. Others give us great feedback about their stay at the Beacon House Inn. We love to learn more about our guests in this unique way!

Here are a few anonymous journal entries:

“Husband’s entry: We stayed just two days here, but really found the hosts Noah & Charlotte to be friendly and helpful. At 9 a.m. each morning we enjoyed a delicious breakfast whipped up by Charlotte. Yesterday was the “Cowboy Christmas Breakfast”, and today we had scrambled eggs with apple cinnamon pancakes and bacon – yummy!

Unfortunately, yesterday while I was swimming in the ocean, I lost my glasses (I should have known better as the water was quite rough and choppy). This was a problem, since I see very poorly without my glasses and my wife has little experience driving my 5 speed truck. I asked our hosts if they had any old glasses around, so that I may try them out and get some benefit. Well, they both were willing to let me try on their own glasses (which were way too mild to help my poor vision!) So, I can say that Noah & Charlotte were very kind in trying to help us, and went the extra mile however they could. 🙂

Soon we pack for our 3 1/2 hour trip home…and my wife will quickly gain lots of experience driving the truck.

Wife’s entry: The wife does not enjoy driving the truck at all…especially since this is an anniversary trip!! 🙁 But she sure did enjoy all the yummy seafood restarants & the Saturday night party cruise! And playing in the Atlantic Ocean for the first time…lots of shells to go home with us! :)”

This is a hard time in my life. Beacon House Inn was the exact place I needed to be! Everything was perfect! Thank you!!”

We had such an enjoyable visit here. The bed was comfortable, the breakfasts were delicious, and we could truly relax. There were days we weanted to just stay here with short walks on the each because we were so relaxed! Thanks to Noah and Charlotte we had the perfect getaway vacation for our first anniversary!”

My husband just returned from a tour in Afghanistan, so for his July 4th holiday, we decided to go to the beach…Breakfast this morning was superb. I mixed the sausage and quiche together for an excellent combination of flavor. The fresly prepared blueberry muffins were quite tasty, too! Yesterday we made our way up to the Boardwalk area for lunch at a sports bar. From there, we drove down to Fort fisher and the Aquarium. By the time we made it back to the Inn, it was prch-sitting time…time to head to the beach!
Our visit has come to an end. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time this morning to walk on the beach – so much to get accomplished back home. Yesterday’s breakfast was another trium, a bked stuffed french toast. It was stuffed with sweet cream cheese, blueberries and fresh Carolina peaches. Charlotte is an excellent cook, and she’s given me her recipe for the french toast.
A very good B&B!!! Enjoy

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