And now a word from our guests…

As many of you know, we keep a journal in each of our rooms for our guests to write in.  Many people comment on their beach experience, a favorite restaurant they have found, the delicious breakfast they enjoyed and some may wax poetic.  As each guest leaves us I enjoy thumbing through the entries to see if anything new has been written.  Well, here is a recent favorite of mine from April written by a couple who stayed in our Bicouple walking on the beachrdhouse Room:

“Written in the sands of time are the cozy, comfy bed in a room of birds, the hearty coffee, the crashing surf, shells scattered a long the tide line, a warm kitchen and a red head in a bowling dress.  Thanks for the memories.  See you again.”


I love this entry because it expresses exactly what we strive to do here at the Beacon House Inn; leave our guests with pleasant memories of their stay and a wish to return in the future.  If we can accomplish that task then our work has been successful! It is our wish that each person who stays with us has as memorable a time as this.

Thank you to all of you who take the time to write in our journals.  We look forward to reading your comments and they often give us a smile and the feeling of a job well done!

Until next time,

Jeanne~Assistant Innkeeper




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