Activities in Carolina Beach in the Winter

We frequently have callers who inquire, “What is there to do in Carolina Beach in the off season?”. This time of year is great for avoiding the hustle and bustle of summer vacationers. In fact, some people prefer the slow season – no crowds, lower rates, and of course mild year-round temperatures!

For those of you who may still be skeptical about what there really is to do at the Beacon House Inn in the month of January, read the following excerpt from one guest’s entry in a journal.

“Day 1 – Okay, so we are here to have fun, right? Right! Noah recommended the Deck House restaurant for our first meal. We found this to be very good advice! The Mai Tai I got was excellent. Don’t remember much after that. (Just kidding!) The food was good, especially the Grouper Chowder! The music was very good as well.

We recommend the Aquarium. It was outstanding! They had quail running around inside – cool! They also had a petting area. In addition to fish, frogs and snakes on display there was additional information about Carolina Beach.

Hiking in the state park was great also. Wear some old shoes or flip flops because most of the trail is powdery sand. This is a great thing to do after a big lunch at Harbor Masters (only $6.95 for an entree & three sides!). Go to the very end of the state park past the boat docks to start the trail. We saw lots of birds and pelicans diving off shore.

For dinner, we got a bottle of wine, some cheese & crackers at the local store and came back here to relax in the Inn’s living room. It was very nice and peaceful!

Day 2 –

Morning folks! I went over to the beach early to get a glimpse of the 7:15 a.m. sunrise. It was quite cool and there were clouds on the horizon so the sunrise was somewhat diffused. It was great watching the waves hit the shore, the pelicans skimming over the Atlantic and the sun peeking over the clouds and sending a stream of gold over the water to the shore. All of this, just across the street from the Inn!

We did the walking tour of Fort Fisher today. Very interesting! Those man made bunkers were amazing!

We then drove to downtown Wilmington to the place called the “Cotton Exchange”. It is a restored area of downtown with shops, restaurants and places of artwork. Parking int he back on the lower level is free!

We are leaving in the morning. One final note – the breakfasts here were fantastic! Thank you sooooo much Noah & Charlotte. You two make a great team!!!”

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