We are featuring fall fruits and vegetables and this years Cape Fear Fair and Expo

Stacked Apple Cider Belgium Waffle

The season for fall fruits and vegetables is underway.  Plan a trip and try some of our fresh fall influenced breakfasts. From this Stacked Apple Cider Belgium Waffle to our hearty Pumpkin Granola Yogurt Parfait, we are creating seasonal morning dishes that will fill you up for a great day at the beach.

Many of these fall flavors will also be featured at this years Cape Fear Fair and Expo which begins October 25th and runs though November 3rd.   The fair includes, in part, Agricultural Education and Exhibits, Livestock tents and concessions with crisp candy apples.

To help you shop for fresh fall fruits and vegetables, we have included a brief guide below.  For a full list, check out this local guide which will help you throughout the year.

The forecast predicts ideal beach weather that should last this week and next so grab your appetite and join us as we celebrate a change of season.  See you at the breakfast table!

Fall Fruits:
Cranberries – best in fall
Pears – early to late fall
Pomegranates – best in fall
Apples – late summer through fall
Grapes – summer through early fall

Fall Vegetables:
Arugula – best in fall
Broccoli – best in fall and winter
Celery – fall and winter
Kale – fall and winter
Cauliflower – best in fall

Happy Halloween!

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