Not Your Papa’s Cuppa Joe…

For those of you who have not stayed with us in a while, we look forward to surprising you with our new gourmet coffee when you return.  As self proclaimed coffee afficianados our morning brew is an integral part of our day.  We were passionate about finding just the right roaster when we purchased the Beacon House Inn and we have met our perfect match in Carolina Coffee Company.

For us our coffee is more than just a morning drink.  It is a ritual that delights all of our senses.  As the day begins we ask ourselves, “what flavor are we blending today?” The anticipation builds as we grind the beans and grows as the aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the house.  We look forward to the warmth of a full mug of java in our hands even as we pull our favorite cups from the cabinet.   We enjoy sharing these simple things with others who also have an extreme affection for coffee, but more so we love to turn it on in others who have not experienced anything greater than a gas station blend.  

When researching coffee options for the Inn it was important to us to keep it local.  Steve and Ann Owens, owners of Carolina Coffee Company fit the bill.  The Owens take tremendous pride in their product choosing only the finest coffee beans.  Taking freshly roasted beans to the highest level, they actually roast the beans per order.

Each week at the Beacon House we feature a different blend of coffee for our guests.  We like to share a “coffee cocktail” (two flavors together) over breakfast.  Some of our current offerings include Wedding Day Blend (which is flavored with chocolate truffle, buttery carmel and vanilla creme) and Porch Time (fresh cherries balanced by milk chocolate and finishes with a hint of caramel).   These flavors can be paired with Coastal Carolina a nice medium bodied blend, we try to mix it up!  If you fall in love with a particular bean, we invite you to take a taste of the Beacon House home with you.  We also sell the coffee we serve!

So, come on down to the beach.  Let us spoil you with a most delicious cup of coffee that you can sip while sitting on the porch waiting for breakfast.  You will be happy you did!

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