The Farm Egg Advantage

Benefits of Farm Fresh Eggs.

Here at the Beacon House we only use locally sourced farm fresh eggs. We get our eggs from Our Father’s Garden, a farm located in Burgaw, NC. Our Father’s Garden prides themselves on hormone and pesticide free farming techniques and being “Veteran Owned and Veteran Grown.” They employ Veterans and help to encourage emotional, mental, and physical healing through farming. We buy our eggs directly from the farm which helps to support and boost our local economy. We believe in knowing exactly who and where our eggs come from to ensure the highest quality products for our guests.

In addition to economical advantages, there are many proven health benefits from eating farm fresh eggs. Studies show that farm fresh eggs have less cholesterol than store bought eggs. Fresh eggs also provide more vitamins, omega fatty acids, and contain less saturated fat. The health benefits of fresh eggs are visible in the deeper, rich colored yolk and stronger whites which aid in a better cooked egg.

Hens from local farms are also more humanely treated as they are generally free-roaming which allows them to get exercise and sunshine. Local hens are also provided a more nutrient rich diet. The diet of the hen is extremely important, the more vitamins they consume, the more good stuff is passed onto you! A diverse diet including grains, vegetables, and bugs is essential for a healthy chicken and egg. Cage free hens are able to forage for food in addition to consuming chicken feed, providing them with exercise and food diversity. Local farm chickens lead low stress lives which translates to a healthier, happier chicken and less hormones consumed by us. Did you know that feeding your chickens their discarded egg shells can provide them with extra nutrients which make their eggs stronger? Vegetable scraps are also great for chickens and provide a wonderful way to aid in the reduction of food waste.

At the Beacon House, we strive to provide our guests with the freshest ingredients possible. The eggs we buy are significantly more fresh than store bought eggs. Store bought eggs can be up to two months old when purchased and are usually bleached and washed of their natural protective coating. Farm fresh eggs are usually unwashed, preserving their protective coating which helps them stay fresher longer. Unwashed farm fresh eggs do not need to be refrigerated and can be washed just before use.
Leek and garlic crust-less quiche or a seasonal vegetable frittata are just two of the many delicious fresh egg based meals you will find on your breakfast plate at The Beacon House Inn.

Come down to Carolina Beach and taste the difference for yourself!

white plate with potatos, grape tomatoes, green herbs and orange hot sauce topped with two fried eggs

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