The Bed and Breakfast Experience

Throughout this adventure of Innkeeping we have had a number of guests whose first Bed and Breakfast experience was with us at the Beacon House Inn.  That gave me pause to think about the differences between accommodations at a traditional hotel versus a B & B.  So, I thought I would share some of those observations; maybe get some of you to walk on the wild side and ditch the cookie cutter motels for something new!

We like to think that staying at our B & B is the next best thing to staying with friends.  We want you to have a personalized visit that leaves you with pleasant memories; already planning your next trip back.  

A B & B is the place to stay for people who want to taste the local culture.  It is a chance to stay in a home that is a reflection of the area.  Many B & B’s are located in residential neighborhoods, each home with its own special charm reminiscent of the era in which it was built.  Our Inn is no different in that respect: we are a beach house built in 1946.

We want our guests to feel right at home with us.  Picture being woken up by the aroma of bacon sizzling in the pan. Pad down to the kitchen in pajamas and slippers for early morning coffee, freshly brewed and waiting for you.  Enjoy your morning beverage while rocking on the porch as your breakfast is being prepared.  We want  you to feel like this is your home, only better because we are doing the work!

We make each meal using the finest ingredients and buy local when we can.  Some of our

offerings include freshly baked banana bread, garden vegetable frittata or spiced apple pancakes.  The nature of the Inn gives us the ability to work with our guests to accommodate any dietary restrictions or preferences.

Interacting with the Innkeepers and other guests is a big part of the Bed and Breakfast experience.  The open dining room encourages group conversation and you never know who you may meet; an author, movie producer, teacher or lawyer.  Just imagine a warm kitchen full of laughter; feeling satisfied after a home cooked breakfast lingering over coffee with new found friends. Lazy afternoons in the living room after a day in the sun may find a tall iced coffee waiting for you or later a pre-dinner wine and cheese social.  Small details that cater toward your comfort and enjoyment plus the chance to meet other curious adventurers are what set B & B’s apart.

A stay at a Bed and Breakfast is personal and unique.  It is our sincere hope that when you come and stay at the Beacon House Inn you may arrive as a stranger, but you will leave as a friend.  

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